Add a Member Guide & FAQs to Your Shopify Store

When you're creating a Membership on Shopify with Single, it's helpful to anticipate and answer common questions about how it works. Here are some questions you can customize and add to your store to provide helpful information to your customers.



Common Member FAQs

How do I log in and out?

To log in or out, visit the [Membership Title] listed in our main menu navigation. The page provides all the necessary features for members to join, log in, and access their perks. If you're already logged in, you can log out from the same page.

I signed up! How do I access my perks?

Great! After signing up, you'll have access to an exclusive perks page. This page serves as a central hub for members to manage their subscription and see all their exclusive perks. Simply log in, and all your perks will be visible there.

How do I manage my membership subscription?

To manage your membership subscription, head over to the membership page on our Shopify store. This page allows members to sign up, manage their subscription details, and access exclusive benefits. After logging in, you'll find options to modify or cancel your membership as needed.

Which payment methods are accepted for [Membership Name]?

 We accept a variety of payment methods through our Shopify store. These include major credit cards, PayPal, and other standard payment options available on Shopify.

How frequently are new perks for [Membership Name] members released?

New perks for [Membership Name] members are introduced periodically. All updates and new benefits will be listed on the exclusive membership page on our Shopify store. Ensure you log in regularly to stay updated.

What perks will I receive when I join [Membership Name]?

By joining the [Membership Name] Club through our Shopify store, you'll gain access to an exclusive membership page that showcases all the special perks and benefits designed for members. This includes [List out 2-3 primary benefits e.g., "early access to sales, special members-only content, and priority support"]. For a detailed overview of all member benefits, visit the membership page on our Shopify store.