Can I Create Variants of Products Published by Single on Shopify?

Answers to Common Questions about Creating Variants for Single-Published Products on Shopify

Q: Can I Create Variants of Products Published by Single on Shopify?

A: No. If you use Single to publish digital release products directly to your Shopify store, we advise against adding variants to the Single-created product. This typically causes issues for the release.

To avoid any potential errors, please only create variants for products that were created directly in Shopify. There's a tutorial here on how to do that.


Q: Can I bundle Shopify-created variants with releases in Single? 

A: Yes, after you've created your digital product in Shopify, and added in your variant(s), log into your Single account and complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to Music > Digital Delivery from the left sidebar. From here, you can either create a new digital release or select an existing one.
  • For a new release, select Attach to Existing Product when you publish. For an existing release, click Attach in the upper right corner.
  • Search for a product in your Shopify inventory that you want to bundle with your music release. 
  • Search for the title of the album you created in Shopify -- and be sure to select all of the variant(s) you created.

  • Set your Product Type and Reporting Type to match the format you are attaching to (e.g. if attaching to a CD, please select "CD" for Product Type and "Physical" for Reporting Type).

  • Click Create Attachments.