Communicating with Members

To keep your members engaged and excited, it’s important you stay in touch with them. We suggest sending a welcome message whenever someone joins your program as well as ongoing updates when you add new perks such as fresh video content or new exclusive products. 

As members join or leave your program we keep their Shopify customer profile up to date using tags. Those tags make it easy to recognize and contact members using a marketing platform. Read on to learn more about tags and how to use them for communications. 

How to use tags to identify members: 

Whenever you publish a Membership through Single, we create a Shopify product for each tier of the program. If you have 1 tier, we will create 1 product. If you have multiple tiers, we create multiple products. 

So for example, if you create a Membership with tiers named “My Fan Club - Gold Tier” and “My Fan Club - Silver Tier” – we will create two products: 

  • Product 1: “My Fan Club - Gold Tier” 
  • Product 2: “My Fan Club - Silver Tier” 

Whenever someone purchases the product to sign up for your membership, we will create a customer tag for them, which is based on the name of the product. 

Here’s what that looks like: 

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 11.46.14 AM

If someone cancels their membership, we remove this tag to ensure you always have an up to date list of your members. 

How to use a messaging platform and Shopify Customer Tags:

Since each of your members have a tag, you can easily use that as an identifier to contact them with a marketing platform like Klaviyo or Mailchimp. Each tool will vary in feature functionality and cost so it’s good to evaluate a few and find the one that works best for you. 

The three key features we suggest looking for as you decide what tool to use are: 

  1. Ability to integrate with Shopify and ingest your customer list – including tags 
  2. Ability to set up some basic automations for things like:
  3. Send a welcome email when someone joins my membership 

There are several platforms, which offer these features right out of the box. Here are a few we recommend, along with articles about how to sync your customers tags into the platform.

Single recommends:

Here are two of the most widely used platforms, which we would recommend: 

1. Klaviyo --  one of the most widely used marketing communications platforms for Shopify store owners. They have plans starting at $45 per month and offer the ability to integrate your customer list (including tags) then send emails as well as SMS messages to store customers.

Additionally, you can set up automations in their system for things like ‘send an email when someone enters a segment’ – a solution that works well for sending welcome emails to your new members. 


2. Mailchimp -- a very widely adopted marketing platform across a variety of industries. They have a variety of different pricing plans and a direct integration with Shopify for importing your customers (and recognizing tags - see step 10 here).