DistroLink Specs

Requirements, Store Mappings, & Technical Onboarding Process

Tech Requirements

  • SFTP
  • Accepted DDEX Versions
    • 3.8.X
    • 4.2
    • 4.3

Accepted Store Mappings

  • Artist
    • Main Artist
    • All Party ID types in DDEX spec are supported (ex. ISNI, Proprietary ID, DPID, etc.)
  • Label (Coming Soon)

Technical Onboarding

  1. Single creates an internal ID -  DdexOrg  - for the label, distributor, or connecting party.
  2. SFTP credentials shared with DdexOrg
  3. Single Admins associate Stores to DdexOrg
    1. Labels
      1. You will be asked to provide a .CSV containing all .myshopify.com domains you wish to link to your DdexOrg and the relevant Store Mappings. 
    2. Distributors
      1. Artists will request a connection to your DdexOrg via in-app form.
      2. Single Admins will request connection approval with DdexOrg via email or other communication channel.
  4. Single Admins will associate Artist Mappings to Stores.
    1. Labels
      1. Stores will be mapped based on your provided .CSV
    2. Distributors
      1. Single Admins will request relevant IDs during initial DdexOrg connection approval.
  5. DdexOrg delivers files via SFTP with provided credentials.
  6. Releases are created in associated Stores in a Draft state to be published manually by User.