Getting Paid

Understanding Payment Processing Time and Distribution Fees in Shopify

Learn about the payment processing and receiving payments in Shopify when using a payment provider for credit card transactions in your store.

Payment Processing Time

When setting up a payment provider in Shopify to accept credit card payments for your store, each payment must be processed, causing a delay between the time a customer pays for their order and when you receive the payment.

Distribution and Fees

After the payment is processed, Single automatically calculates a distribution fee, and the purchase amount is transferred to your merchant account.

Receiving Payments

Typically, it takes 3 days to receive payments, but processing times can vary based on the pay period and the payment provider you selected for your Shopify store.

NoteIt's important to note that Single doesn't handle transactions – your chosen payment provider does. For more information on receiving payments, we recommend reviewing Shopify's help article here.