Handling Cancellations, Upgrades, and Downgrades

Your Guide to Managing Membership Changes

  • Fans have the ability to manage their own memberships via a page that Single automatically creates. This page can be added to your navigation with the title "Manage Membership"
    • https://YOUR-STORE-NAME.myshopify.com/pages/membership

What happens if a member cancels their subscription?

We turn off auto-renewal right away, but the member can still access their perks until the end of the current term. So, they can still enjoy your content until their subscription expires.

What happens if a member upgrades or downgrades their subscription?

They'll be charged and put on the new plan right away, starting at the time of the change. This means they'll get the new perks or downgrade immediately.

Is it possible to account for price differences between tiers when upgrading or downgrading?

Unfortunately, we can't account for price differences at the moment.