How to Batch Upload Music to Shopify via DistroLink

The step-by-step process for batch uploading music from your label or distributor to Shopify using the Single app.

How It Works:

  • DDEX Feed Ingestion: Single ingests the DDEX feed and routes releases to the appropriate storefronts based on Artist Names and Party IDs.
  • Draft State Creation: Releases are created as drafts in the assigned Single accounts. You can then publish these releases as standalone products or as part of bundles.

Before You Start:

  • Request DDEX Access: You must request access to DDEX in your Single account. This process will set up a DDEX Organization for you and provide you with the necessary internal ID and SFTP credentials to establish a connection with Single.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Create Artist or Label Mappings

  • Open the Single app.
  • Go to Music > Digital Delivery.
  • Click on the “Learn more” button on the DDEX banner.
  • Click + Add Mapping. If you already have mappings set up, go to Settings > + Add Mapping.
  • Enter mapping details:
    • The name of the artist or label.
    • Specify whether it’s an artist or a label.
    • Select the ID type (Proprietary ID, ISNI, DPIP, IPI Name Number, IPN, CISAC Society ID).
    • Enter the ID.
  • Click Save to store the mapping in Single.

Note: Single will read the Name or ID sent from the DDEX feed.

Step 2: Create an Order for Album Delivery

  • Upload your file in your normal file-sharing application. If you don’t have one, we recommend FileZilla.
  • Add user-name provided during your onboarding process.

Note: Single automatically syncs every 15 minutes to pull in titles that have both an order created on the label/artist side and the relevant artist or label identifier mapped to the Single account. These titles will appear in a draft state within Single.

Step 3: Review and Publish Orders to Shopify

  • Go to Digital Delivery > DistroLink in the Single app.
  • Click Expand for details or View to review the uploaded files.
  • Choose to publish as a standalone product or attach the release to an existing product in your Shopify store.