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Denied Approval for NFT Sales on Shopify: Alternative Steps

How to Continue Offering NFTs in Your Store After Shopify Denied Approval

If you've been denied approval for selling NFTs on Shopify, follow these alternative steps to continue offering NFTs in your store:

Step 1: Reapply for Approval

If your initial NFT approval request was denied, Shopify allows you to submit a new application after 60 days.

Step 2: Disable Shopify Payments

If you prefer to start selling NFTs immediately without waiting for approval, you can do so by disabling Shopify Payments. This option allows you to bypass the approval process altogether, as the legal liabilities regarding NFTs are based around the use of Shopify Payments.

  • See the full tutorial on disabling Shopify Payments HERE

After disabling Shopify Payments, the "Request Access in Shopify" button should automatically revert to the "Create NFT" button, enabling you to sell NFTs in your store.