How Do I Customize the Confirmation Email Sent to Ticket Purchasers and What Does It Look Like

In addition to the Shopify order, fans will receive an email that includes their ticket and a link to the show. They will receive this email directly after they purchase a ticket or an item with a ticket attached to it.

You can customize this ticket in the Customize Ticket Delivery Email section. Here, you can choose the title, message, support links, and even timezone that will be used for your ticket emails. Additionally, you can choose to disable email notifications for ticket purchases all together via the "Disable Email Notification" toggle, if you would like. 


The standard email body we recommend is listed below, however you can make it whatever you'd like:

"Thanks for buying a ticket to (event name)! The account you created when checking out is your ticket! Click the link below on (date/time) and login to watch the show!" - (Band Name)

Below is an example of a a ticket confirmation email:

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 11.25.05 AM