Manage Ticket Delivery Emails

How to Customize and Resend Ticket Delivery Emails in Single

When setting up a video event in Single, you can personalize the purchase confirmation, also known as ticket delivery emails. This article provides essential guidance on how to customize these emails using white-labeling for a personal touch, and outlines the steps to resend them to customers who may not have received their initial purchase confirmation.


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Customize Ticket Delivery Emails

When a customer buys a ticket for a video event, Single sends them an email with all the important details. You can change this email to make it more personalized using our white-labeling feature or just stick with the default email from Single.


Tip: For a detailed guide on white-labeling emails, see this article here.



Resend Ticket Delivery Emails

Sometimes, a customer's purchase confirmation email may end up in their spam folder. If a customer did not receive this email, you can resend it through Single.


  1. Log in to your Single account.
  2. From the left sidebar, click on "Orders".
  3. Search for the customer using their order number or email address.
  4. Click the paper airplane icon to resend the claim email to the customer.


Tip: For a detailed guide on resending purchase confirmation emails, refer to our in-depth article here.