Using a 3rd Party Fulfillment App on Shopify and Single Music

3rd Party Fulfillment Providers

While the Single Music app does function with 3rd party fulfillment apps enabled, there are some considerations to note. Most importantly, the 3rd party fulfillment app can only mark orders fulfilled so quickly. Shopify has something called a “rate limit” which is a hard cap on the amount of orders that can be processed per second. If you’re marking thousands of orders fulfilled in a short period of time, you will be affected by Shopify Rate Limits. Your Shopify plan type also affects these rate limits.

Single reports sales based on updated fulfillment statuses of those orders in Shopify. When you’re using a 3rd party fulfillment app, you’re introducing an additional step in the fulfillment process. For example, when an order is shipped, the flow of fulfillment update will follow as such:

3rd party fulfillment app > Shopify > Single Music

Therefore, we highly recommend that after shipping them out, you mark orders fulfilled in Shopify as soon as possible. If you’re using a 3rd party fulfillment app we recommend having orders marked fulfilled 12+ hours before the cutoff.

Single Music does not control the limit to which orders can be marked fulfilled in Shopify. Single Music does not look to third party apps for fulfillment status, we only look at the time the order has been fulfilled in Shopify via Shopify’s API.

❗️Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all sales marked fulfilled by third party apps near the chart week deadline will be counted by our automated system. We also cannot guarantee that any sales not reported by our automated system will ultimately be accepted by Billboard.❗️