Should I Add a Disclaimer?


If you are selling NFTs, it is a good idea to add a disclaimer in the FAQ section of your store that lets customers know that you are not liable if they incorrectly transfer their NFT and it is lost in the process.

📝 Note: Single allows claiming to "non-custodial" wallets - because we think the purchasing customer should always be in control. But because the customer "controls the keys",  if they transfer their NFT to the wrong wallet address (the claiming process makes this difficult to do and warns them multiple times during, but it still isn't fully preventable), it is not possible retrieve it. 

Here is an example of the text you can add to your product page to make this known:

*insert store name* will not be liable for a customer's incorrect transferring of an NFT. If an NFT is incorrectly transferred by the customer and is lost in the process, due to the permanence of a blockchain and its transactions, it is not possible to retrieve it. Please ensure that you follow the instructions provided while claiming your NFT and to double check the wallet address that is entered!