Manage Users & Permissions

How to Add, Manage, and Assign User Permissions in Single

You can have multiple people manage the same shop without giving them access to your Single or Shopify account.

Tip: For optimal security, make sure you assign the right access levels to users and never share passwords.


Adding Users & Setting Permissions

  1. Log in to your Single account.
  2. From the left sidebar, go to Settings > Users.
  3. Click "+ Add User" to set up a new profile.
  4. Enter an email address.
  5. Choose from a preset role or customize their permissions:
    1. Administrator: Full access and control, including editing other users' permissions.
    2. Agent: Can view all areas and export data, but can't create or edit content.
    3. Artist: Full access except editing advanced settings or other users' permissions.
    4. Label: Can view most sections and export sales data.
    5. Management: Similar to Agent but can create Upsell Campaigns and can't view BoostLink financial data.
  6. Click "+Add User" to add their profile to your shop in Single.

Note: The user profile is labeled based on the chosen preset role or as "Custom" if you altered permissions.


Managing Permissions

If you're an account administrator or have "User Edit" permission, you can edit or delete a user anytime. Here are some custom permissions you can assign:

    • Edit: Enables a user to create or edit content within a category.

    • Export: Enables a user to export category data as a .CSV file.

    • View: Enables a user to view a specific category.

    • Financial Views: Enables a user to see detailed financial info (revenue, orders, billing, etc.) associated with a category.

    • Dashboard - Top Fans View: Enables a user to see a list of highest spending customers on the dashboard.

    • Settings - Advanced Settings Edit: Enables a user to access "Advanced" settings tab, including "developer mode" and the ability to reinstall Shopify assets.

    • Settings - User Edit: Enables a user to adjust other user profiles' permissions (generally reserved for the Administrator).

    • Settings - White Label Edit: Enables a user to edit the store's "White Label" branding displayed within delivery emails sent to customers.

    Note: The information we share upon inquiry is based on user's assigned role.