Manage Fulfillment

How Single Automates Fulfillment for Digital Releases in Shopify

When selling digital content, such as music, through your Shopify store, it's essential to know how fulfillment works for these products. This article will guide you through the Managed Fulfillment feature for digital releases created in Single.

What Does Managed Fulfillment Do?

When a customer orders a digital release through your store, Single can automatically mark the order as delivered. This feature is known as Managed Fulfillment. It's especially helpful for automating the delivery process of digital products.

Managed Fulfillment ensures that:

  • The digital release is attached to the customer's order.
  • The order is marked as fulfilled in Shopify.  

When to Use Managed Fulfillment: Digital-Only Products

You should use Managed Fulfillment when you're selling only digital content with no physical items involved. For example, if you have a digital album and a customer purchases it, Single marks the order as fulfilled once the digital content is delivered.

This feature is great for streamlining the sales process for digital releases, like music albums.

When Not to Use Managed Fulfillment: Mixed Orders with Physical Products

If an order contains both digital content and physical products, Single will not mark the order as fulfilled. This is to ensure that the fulfillment process for the physical items is not affected. In such cases, you should handle the fulfillment of physical products separately.