Managing Tickets

Best Practices for Discounting, Transferring, Refunding, or Deleting Tickets and More

This guide provides essential insights on managing access to your event streams, covering topics such as providing free access, the impact of refunds, fulfilling and archiving orders, and the importance of handling ticket product deletion or archiving with caution.

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Discounting Tickets

To discount or offer free access to specific guests for your livestream, create discount codes in Shopify that provide a 100% discount on the ticket price. Refer to this article for detailed instructions on creating discount codes.

Note: Standard transaction fees still apply, even for discounted tickets.



Gifting or Transferring Tickets

Upon creating a standalone ticket for your event, Single automatically created a "Gift Ticket" alongside of it. This is simply the product that Single uses to transfer tickets from one person to another when requested. It works behind the scenes and you do not need to do anything with it.

Things to note:

  • Do not delete this gift ticket product from within your Shopify store. If you do this, Single will be unable to transfer tickets between fans for your event when requested. 
  • Additionally, do not make the gift ticket product visible within your store front, as it will not work if purchased like a normal ticket.



Deleting Ticket Products

Deleting ticket products in your Shopify admin, or removing tickets from bundles, requires caution as it will result in customers losing access. 

If you want to hide ticket products from your store but keep customer access intact, simply hide the product from your store in the Shopify admin.

Note: Only delete or detach ticket products after the event has ended, the replay period is over, and access should no longer be available.



Fulfilling and Archiving Orders

Fulfilling or archiving a customer's order does not impact their access to the event:

  • Fulfillment: Customers' purchases remain associated with their account, granting access throughout the livestream.
  • Archiving: Archiving an order removes visibility on the store front but does not revoke customer access.



The Impact of Refunds on Customer Access

Refunding a customer's order can affect their access to the event:

  • Full refund: If you refund the entire purchase amount, the customer's access to the stream will be invalidated.
  • Partial refund: Refunding a partial amount allows the customer to retain access. This is useful when refunding merchandise purchases but not livestream tickets.