Setting up a Membership Presale

Learn about how to pre-sell your membership before the official launch date


Single powered membership programs automatically publish to your Shopify store on the launch date and time that you set. There are some situations where you may want to begin selling your membership before your official launch date.

Setting up your Presale Date

On the first page of your membership creation, you will be prompted to select a release date and a presale date:


How it works

  • When a customer purchases your membership during the presale period, they will be charged immediately. This will be considered their first term’s payment
  • Your presale can run however long you’d like
  • On your launch date, customers who purchased your presale are not charged again - since they already “pre-bought” their first term


  • Any content perks (products, videos or pages) will be available to fans during the pre-sale period
  • Product perks are not delivered to fans during a presale period. After the launch date and on the customer’s first renewal date, orders of product perks will be created for fans (but remember - they will not be billed again since they pre-paid for the first term)

Fan Messaging

It is also important to make sure fans understand what happens when they pre-sell your membership. We recommend adding something like the below text to your membership tier Shopify product during presale:

Please Note: This membership is in pre-sale until August 1st. Guarantee your spot and pre-pay for your first month today. Your first payment will be processed immediately and product delivery will begin on August 1st. Your next product delivery and payment will take place on September 1st.