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Membership Programs Block

Adding the Membership Program(s) block to your Shopify store is an essential step for creating and launching a program. It enables you to display membership tiers on any page, making it easy for customers to join and manage their subscriptions.

How it works

  • Installing Single adds new 'blocks' to your Shopify theme editor, allowing you to feature different content or products from Single in your store.

  • The Membership Programs block is especially handy – it displays the different tiers of your membership program, encourages new member sign-ups, and provides options for current members to upgrade or cancel their subscriptions.

Before you start

Steps to add the block

  1. Log into your Shopify admin.

  2. Go Online Store > Themes.

  3. Click Customize Theme to open the Shopify theme editor.

  4. Open the homepage template where you want to add the app block.

  5. From the left rail menu, click Add Section, then select Apps.

  6. Drag and drop the Membership Tier block to your preferred location on the page.

  7. Configure the block details using the key fields (outlined below).

  8. Click Save to apply the changes.

Note: To also display the block on the Join page, simply repeat the steps.

Key Fields to Fill Out


Content ID of Membership Program

Leave blank to show all memberships. For custom displays, input a specific membership ID from the Single app.

Heading Name the membership tiers section.
Heading Size Pick a size: Small, Medium, or Large.
Description Describe the membership tiers.
Number of Columns on Desktop Decide how many columns for desktop view.
Column Text Alignment Align text: Left, Center, or Right.
Display block Set display preferences: always, they have access / are logged in, or they do no have access / are not logged in. 
Program Name The name of your membership program.
Tier Name Label for each membership tier.
Tier Description Details or perks of each tier.
Price How much is each tier?
Quick Add Buttons Add quick action buttons.
Quick Add Buttons Label Defaults to "Add to Cart" - edit to change
Colors Personalize using color options for the Background, Text, and Button.
Size settings Customize parameters like column width, column border radius, button border radius, and vertical padding.