Bundle NFTs with Shopify Products

Bundle NFT collections with your Shopify products on Single in a few steps.


  1. Log in to your Single account.
  2. From the left sidebar, select "NFTs." This will redirect you to the Manage NFTs page.
  3. Select the NFT Collection that you want to bundle with a product.

  4. Navigate to the Collection's Bundle page.

  5. Search for and select a product in your Shopify inventory that you want to bundle with your NFT collection.
  6. Enable Deliver to Existing if you want customers who have already purchased the bundled product to receive the NFT. Otherwise, only future purchases of the bundled product(s) will include the NFT.
  7. Click "Save and Review" (or "Save Bundles" if your collection is already published).


📝 Note: You can add or remove bundled products at anytime as long as your Collection is published and active with a remaining supply of NFTs.