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NFT Sales Eligibility Application Guide

Essential Steps for a Successful Application

If you're interested in offering Non-Fungible Token (NFT) minting services on Shopify using Shopify Payments, it's crucial to meet specific eligibility requirements. This guide will provide you with tips to help you successfully navigate the NFT Sales Eligibility Application process and gain eligibility in just a few minutes.

Steps for a Successful Application 

  1. Thoroughly read the FAQs in this guide
  2. Preview Shopify's application questions
  3. Apply for both NFT sales and gifting simultaneously


Why should I apply for both NFT sales and gifting?

To prevent any problems or delays, it's best to apply for both NFT sales and gifting simultaneously. This guarantees that you have the permission needed to provide NFTs to your customers in any way, without facing any difficulties now or in the future. You can find more info about the restrictions related to gifting NFTs by clicking HERE.

What is not supported through Shopify Payments for NFT Sales?

Shopify Payments does not support NFT sales in the following formats:

  • Securities, investments, and/or other financial instruments
  • Gambling, including games of chance, mystery boxes, raffles, lotteries, and sweepstakes
  • Auctions that charge customers an entry fee
  • NFTs priced over $20,000 USD
  • NFTs for which the merchant lacks the necessary intellectual property rights

How long does the application process take?

The application process takes about 5 minutes or less, with real-time decisions. If accepted, accept the agreement to proceed and switch back to Single.

What if I'm not approved?

If not approved, consider these options:

  • Use another payment gateway to sell NFTs in your shop instantly
  • Submit an appeal to blockchain@shopify.com
  • Wait for 60 days to reapply

Preview Application Questions

To help you prepare for the application process, you can preview Shopify's questions along with suggested answers provided by Single here.

We hope these tips help you successfully complete your NFT Sales Eligibility Application on Shopify. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.