Pre-Sell Your Unfinished Album on Shopify

Streamlined Steps for Launching a Pre-Sale of Your Unfinished Album Using Shopify and Single

Whether you're in the midst of a DIY crowdfunding campaign or just getting ready to release your album, you can start a pre-sale on Shopify even before your tracks are completed.


If You're Releasing the Whole Album at Once:

  1. Create products or bundle(s) in Shopify. Make sure the products are clearly labeled "pre-sale" - both in the name of the product and description. You can put these products for sale in your shop immediately.
  2. Once you have the finished tracks, create your digital release in Single. During the attachment process, be sure that "Deliver to Existing Orders" is toggled on.
  3. Once you hit "Create Attachments," we'll pick up all past purchases of the Shopify products and associate them with the digital album.

Note: When attaching to a digital standalone product, "Managed Fulfillment" is on by default. This means Single will automatically mark the orders in Shopify as fulfilled. More on this here

If you're offering instant grat (pre-release) tracks

  1. Create your digital release in Single. Some of the fields will be required - fill them in as best you can.
  2. Upload the instant grat tracks and specify a date for each track.
  3. Add a Placeholder Track in place of the actual audio file. This ensures that customers get the full album on the release date, and you're billed the correct album rate.
  4. To upload "placeholder tracks", simply click "+ Placeholder track." You can replace the audio at any time.
  5. Publish the release and start selling.
  6. To change the audio to your masters, click Replace Audio next to the track or within the track edit window.
  7. Select Confirm Changes for fans to receive correct audio on release date.

Things to note:

  • You can't add extra tracks once the album is published.
  • ISRCs are not required for Placeholder tracks.
  • If an album with placeholder tracks isn't replaced by the release date, the album's release will automatically be delayed by 24 hours to avoid delivering incorrect files to fans.