Where Can I Find My UPC and ISRC Codes?

UPC (Universal Product Code) and ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) are vital identifiers for albums and individual music tracks, crucial for:

  • Sales Tracking: Organizing and securing music sales reports and tracking across various platforms.
  • Chart Eligibility: Essential for reporting to music charts like Billboard, as required by platforms such as SoundScan.
  • Security: These codes aid in safeguarding against unauthorized music uploads and releases.

Finding Your Codes:

  • Through a Distributor: Typically, working with a music distributor means they will supply these codes as part of their distribution services.
  • Purchasing Independently: Not affiliated with a distributor? You can buy UPC codes here. For ISRC codes, you'll need to register through your country's official ISRC agency.

Things to note:

  • You only need to input these codes if you want your music to be eligible for chart reporting. If you're only selling beats, stems, or other types of non-eligible content, these codes aren't necessary.
  • If you need to Register your UPC with Luminate Data (formerly MRC/SoundScan)? You can do so HERE.