Request Hash List for Secondary Marketplaces

Make your NFT collection available on a secondary marketplace for fans to trade and sell with authenticity assurance. Follow these steps from Single:

Step 1: End the Mint

Generate a hash list by ending the minting process in Single for your NFT. This list is required for verifying your collection in secondary marketplaces.

How to end mint in Single:

  1. Log into your Single account.
  2. Go to NFTs from the left sidebar.
  3. Select the collection you wish to mint.
  4. Click End Mint.

Step 2: Request the Hash List

Contact us HERE to request the hash list for your NFT collection. Title your request "NFT Hash List Request" and provide the following information:

  • Your MyShopify domain
  • The name of your NFT Collection

Step 3: Choose a Secondary Marketplace

Choose a secondary marketplace that works best for you. We recommend these:

  • solsea
  • Magic Eden (primarily suggested for high volume artists)

Once you have selected a secondary marketplace to list your NFT collection, simply follow the instructions provided by the marketplace to complete the process.