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Select Payment Gateway for NFT Sales & Gifting

If you want to sell or give away free NFTs on Shopify, you'll need to choose a payment gateway to start using Single. Here's what you need to know:

For Card Transactions

We recommend Shopify Payments, though it's subject to eligibility requirements. Other available options include PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and Authorize.net.

Things to note:

  • Without Shopify Payments, you can sell and gift NFTs with no limitations.
  • If you've activated Shopify Payments, Single will automatically take you to Shopify Payments Application for approval.
  • To avoid issues with Shopify Payments approval, we suggest previewing the 17 multiple choice questions and applying for both NFT sales & gifting.

For Cryptocurrency Transactions

Single integrates with SolPay and DePay, enabling customers to purchase NFTs with their preferred cryptocurrency and receive them directly in their digital wallets.


How long does Shopify Payments application process take?

It usually takes around 5 minutes. Decisions come in real-time. Once approved, confirm the terms and re-open the Single app.

What is NFT gifting?

NFT gifting lets you provide NFTs to customers for free. This can be by:

  • Adding an NFT as a bonus with a product purchase.
  • Gifting NFTs to past customers using Single's "deliver to existing" feature.
  • Including NFTs as a free item in the cart or automatically at checkout.

What are the limitations if I'm only approved to gift NFTs?

  • You cannot increase a product's price to include an NFT gift.
  • You must be approved for the NFT Sales program if a product's price includes a premium/added-cost due to an NFT.
  • If you want to sell NFTs or increase the price from free, you'll need to apply for NFT sales approval.

I'm approved for NFT gifting but want to sell them. What are my options?

If you have NFT gifting approval, you can create and distribute free NFTs with Single. But to sell NFTs:

  • Switch from Shopify Payments to sell NFTs immediately without constraints.
  • Or, wait 60 days and reapply with Shopify Payments.

What if my Shopify Payments application is rejected?

If not approved, here are some alternatives:

  • Choose a different payment gateway.
  • Wait for 60 days and then reapply.