Create a Digital Pre-Order

Setting Up Digital Music Pre-Orders in Shopify Using Single: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're looking to set up digital pre-orders for your music, Single makes it easy. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Log In and Select Release Type

First, log into your Single account. Navigate to Music > Digital Delivery from the left sidebar to choose the type of release you want to create. Your options include:

  • Album, EP, Single: This is common for digital releases and pre-orders.
  • Beats, Instrumentals, & Stems: Ideal for selling sample packs or beats.
  • Pre-Release Tracks: For instant gratification tracks only (not the full digital album) with physical albums. More on this process here.


Step 2: Start Creating Your Release

Fill in the details of your release, such as:

      • Album Artwork: Upload an image for your album cover.
      • Release Title: What's the name of your release?
      • Main Artists: Who are the main artists on the release?
      • Release Date / Time (ET): When do you want Single to deliver the digital download and mark it as fulfilled in Shopify?
      • Primary Genre: What style of music is your release?
      • Release Price: How much will your release cost?

      Note: Single uses these details to generate a corresponding product in your Shopify account. To avoid any reporting or delivery issues, it's best not to create variants of the product in your store.


      Step 3: Upload & Configure Your Tracklist

      Enter your UPC/EAN for chart reporting and upload your tracklist. Use the edit icon next to each track to input its details. If some tracks are still in progress, you can use Placeholder Tracks and replace them with the final audio files later.


      Track details include:

      • Track Title: What's the name of the track?
      • ISRC: What's the track's International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)?
      • Main Artists: Who are the main artists on the track?
      • Featured Artists: Are there any featured artists on the track?
      • Price: How much does the track cost?


      Scheduling and Instant Gratification Setup:

      You also have the ability to customize various aspects of the track, including setting up instant gratifications. Instant gratifications are tracks that become available for download prior to the album release date. This can be done by scheduling the track release date to be earlier than the previously set album release date.

      • Track Release Date and Time: Define the release timing. If you want this track to be an instant gratification track, set this date to be earlier than the overall album release date.
      • Album Only Track: Decide if the track is available only with the full album purchase.
      • 30 Second Preview: Enable fans to listen to a 30-second preview of the track.
      • Explicit Content: Mark the content as explicit, if applicable.

      Other optional information includes:

        • Producer: Name of the producer.
        • Writer: Name of the writer.
        • ISWC: International Standard Musical Work Code.
        • Lyrics: Include the lyrics of the song.

        Once done, click Save Info and return to the Upload page.


        Step 4: Scheduling Your Digital Pre-Order

        After uploading your tracklist, schedule the release by setting a pre-sale date/time. Set the following options according to your preference:

        • Confidential Release: Hides all information, including audio previews, track titles, release dates, until the pre-order is released.
        • US Only: Restricts delivery and reporting of purchases to the US only.


        Step 5: Add Additional Files (Optional)

        If you wish, you can add extra content like digital booklets, lyric sheets, or stems to your release.


        Step 6: Review Everything

        Click Review for Sale to make sure everything looks good.


        Step 7: Choose How to Publish

        Finally, decide how you want to publish your release. You can:

        • Publish with an Audio Player: This makes album and track products in your store that include an audio player.
        • Publish without an Audio Player: This makes album and track products without audio previews.
        • Attach to an Existing Product: This links your release with an existing product in your store.

        And that's it – you've set up your digital pre-order on Single!


        Things to note if you published your pre-order with audio player:

        • Immediate Sale: If your release date is either today or in the past, your digital albums and tracks will be up for sale as soon as you submit them.

        • Future Pre-Sale Date: If you set a future pre-sale date, your release will go live in your store at the date and time you chose.

        • No Pre-Sale Date: If you don't specify a pre-sale date, your album will not be published until the release date you've set.

        • Hidden Release Date: Want to keep the release date secret during the pre-sale? You can set up a Confidential Release.

        • Track & Audio Previews: These won't appear in your store until their individual release dates.