Single Billing Overview

You can find your bills on the Usage & Billing page in Single. The Usage & Billing page includes an overview of your subscription plan, app usage, and all app charges.

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Charges on Your Single Bill

Your bill includes 2 types of charges:

  • Subscription shows the charge for your store's Single subscription plan.
  • Transaction fees shows transaction and app usage charges associated with your bill.



Charge Types

Single has both recurring charges and one-time charges. Make sure that you understand the different recurring or one time charges that can appear on your bills. 

Recurring charge types

The following types of recurring charge can occur on your regular monthly bill:

  • Single Subscription
  • Recurring transaction or app usage fees

One-time charges

You can receive individual bills for the following one-time charge types:

  • Professional services



View and Export Billing Details in Single

You can easily access a comprehensive overview of fees and app usage for your subscription plan. The service categories include:

  • Music
  • Video
  • NFT Collections
  • Memberships

You can view an overview in Single or download a summary or detailed CSV file of app charges by service category. Export options are:

  • A summary of charges for a specified date range.
  • A detailed breakdown of charges for all and individual services.


  1. Log in to your Single account.
  2. From the left sidebar, go to Settings > Billing & Usage.
  3. Select "Export Charges" or "Export Summary" as desired.



Billing Cycles

billing cycle is the length of time between bills. You can't change this interval, as it is set at the time of subscription.

Single has a two different billing cycles:


Billing cycle name Billing cycle duration
Subscription billing cycle 30 days or 1 year
App billing cycle 30 days