Schedule Individual Track Release Dates

How to Set Up Cascading Releases for Your Digital Albums on Shopify

Here's a quick guide on how to schedule individual track release dates in Single, creating a cascading effect for your digital album release on Shopify.


  1. Sign in to your Single account.

  2. Navigate to the Music > Digital Delivery from the left sidebar.

  3. Click on + Create Digital Release to start a new release. If you want to edit an existing release, locate it and click the pencil icon next to it.

  4. Jump to the Upload page, then drag and drop your music files into the designated field.

    Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 2.40.40 PM

  5. After your tracks have processed, click on the pencil icon next to each track. This will allow you to edit each track's details.

  6. Scroll to the Scheduling section to set the Release Date and Time for each track. If you set a track's release date to be earlier than the album's release date, that track will be released ahead of the full album. 

Once you've done this, Single will handle the rest. It will automatically send download links to your fans on the release date of each track.