Understanding Your Exported Member Data

When you export your member list from Single, the resulting CSV file contains valuable information about each member.

Here is an example of what the exported data looks like:


.CSV Fields Explained

Here's an overview of what each data field represents:


The member's email address associated with their subscription. This allows you to identify members.
Name The member's full name as provided during signup. Useful for segmenting and personalizing communications.


The name of the membership program the member is subscribed to. Shows which of your programs they belong to.


For programs with multiple tiers, shows which tier each member is enrolled in. Enables tier-specific analysis.


Displays the start and end dates for the member's subscription term. Helps identify when renewals are coming up.


The current status of the member's subscription, such as Active, Cancelled, Expired, and more. Critical for tracking lifecycle.


City location data provided optionally during member signup. Allows geographical segmentation.
Region State or province location information provided during signup. Also enables geo targeting.
Country The country the member is located in, set during signup. Useful for international analysis.