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Video Collection Bar

Seamlessly embed a collection of videos on any page or page template in Shopify using the Video Collection Bar.

How it works

  • Installing Single adds 'blocks' to Shopify theme editor for customizing store appearance with content hosted in Single.
  • Before using this block, make sure to upload content first. This can include pre-recorded events, live streams, rentals, or on-demand video.


  1. Log into your Shopify admin.

  2. Go Online Store > Themes.

  3. Click Customize Theme to open the Shopify theme editor.

  4. Open the page template where you want to add the app block.

  5. From the left rail menu, click Add Section, then select Apps.

  6. Drag and drop the Video Collection Bar to your preferred location on the page.

  7. Configure the block details using the key fields (outlined below).

  8. Click Save to apply the changes.

Key Fields

Field Description
All Videos Option to display all videos from the Single library, overriding tag selection.
Video Collection Tags Add one or more tags from Single to filter and display associated videos (comma or whitespace-separated).
Section Heading Set a heading for the video collection section.
Heading Size Choose the heading size (Small, Medium, Large).

Add a description for the video collection.

Collection Layout

Choose the layout for video display (Slider, Grid).

Maximum Videos to Show

Define the maximum number of videos to display.

Number of Columns on Desktop

Specify the number of columns for desktop display.

Enable "View All" Button If Collection Has More Videos

Display a "View All" button if more videos exist than displayed.

Sort Order

Set the sorting order for videos (A-Z, Z-A, Most Recent).

Show Video Title

Toggle to display video titles.

Show Video Date

Toggle to display video dates.

Show Artist Name

Toggle to display artist names.

Show Drop Shadow

Toggle for a drop shadow effect on video cards.

Border Radius

Specify the border radius for video cards.

Show Gated Content Badge

Toggle to show a badge on gated videos.

Gated Content Badge Text

Define the badge text for gated videos (e.g., "Members-Only").

Main Text Color

Define the main text color.

Bar Background

Set the bar background color.

Badge Text Color

Define the badge text color.

Badge Background

Set the badge background color.

Loading Background

Customize the loading background.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS for additional styling.

Max Width

Define the maximum width (leave blank for full-width).

Vertical Padding

Specify vertical padding.

Horizontal Padding

Specify horizontal padding.