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Add Your NFT Collection to Your Shopify Store

Learn how to seamlessly integrate your NFT collection into your Shopify store using Single. We'll guide you through the process of showcasing your NFT products and perks to customers, making it easy for them to buy and access exclusive perks.

How it works

  • When you create an NFT collection in Single, an associated NFT product is automatically generated in Shopify. Customers can purchase this product like any other item in your store to access NFT perks. 
  • Single automatically creates a dedicated Perks page for token holders to connect their digital wallets and access token-gated products, pages, or content.
  • NFT holders are automatically redirected to your Perks page upon purchasing or claiming a free NFT from your store.
  • Single simplifies the purchase and claiming of NFTs, guiding both newcomers and experienced Web3 native through your store.


1. Highlight the NFT product in your store

To make it easy for customers to purchase your NFT, we suggest:

  • Feature the NFT product on your homepage.
  • If you're selling more than 1 collection, consider creating a dedicated Shopify product collection, linked in the main navigation.
  • Add some FAQs to the NFT product description or on a separate page to stay ahead of any potential buyer questions. We have a template if you need one.

Note: You can add a countdown timer or display NFT quantity to create urgency among buyers.

2. Add the perks page to your main navigation

To make it easy for NFT holders to access the perks associated with your collection, you can add the perks page to your main navigation menu.

  1. In your Shopify admin panel.

  2. Go to Online Store > Navigation.

  3. Choose the menu where you want to add the perks page, typically your main menu.

  4. Add a new link and specify the title and URL for your Perks page. The URL should match the URL generated by the Single app for your perks page.

  5. Save your menu.