Create a Members-Only Forum

Creating a members-only fan forum adds an extra layer of exclusivity and engagement to your membership program. With Shopify and Single's membership features, you can easily create such a space where your members can share photos, videos, and engage in conversations based on their membership tiers. 


Before you start

  • Customer tags in Shopify are labels that categorize customers into different groups. When someone joins your membership, a specific tag corresponding to their membership tier is automatically attached to their Shopify profile. These tags are essential for restricting access to the fan forum.
  • For this setup guide, download the Shopicial app on Shopify as the following steps are based on using this app.


  1. Go to Settings > General Settings  in the Shopicial app.
  2. Scroll to the general and fill out the following:
    1. Forum Name
    2. Description
  3. Scroll to the forum path, and read the instructions outlining how to update your URL path in 2 places: in Shopify and in Shopicial.
    • In Shopify, go to Settings > Apps and Sales Channels, click on the Shopicial app, and then customize URL
    • In Shopicial, click Click "OK, I understand!" then edit the URL path
  4. Scroll to security mode and set the following settings:
    • Choose mode: Access restriction
    • Who can access: Logged in
    • Custom tag: Add the membership tag applied to customers in Shopify
    • Certain members text -- this message will display to non-members who attempt to access the forum. For example, you can use a message like "Login or gain access here." which non-members will see. We recommend something along the lines of : login in or gain access here.
  5. Go to Settings > Display
  6. Add the following to add branding elements:
    • Logo
    • Favicon
    • Top banner
    • Background and styling color
  7. Click save.


Tip: Once your forum is ready, you’ll want to inform your members. Use marketing platforms like Klaviyo or Mailchimp to send out emails, as they offer seamless integration with Shopify and customer tags. Learn more.