Create New Member Welcome Gifts

Giving a free product away is a great incentive to get people to join your Membership program. Here’s an overview of how to do that: 

Note: If you haven’t yet created a customer segment for your members, you will need to do that first. See this article to learn how. 



  • Log into Shopify 
  • Navigate to your Shopify Admin 
  • From the left hand rail, click on ‘Discounts’ 
  • Click the ‘Create discount’ button 
  • Choose ‘Amount off product’ 
  • For Method, choose ‘Discount Code’ 
  • Type in a name for your Discount Code – such as ‘FreeMemberGift’ 
  • Set your discount value to 100%
  • Choose ‘No minimum purchase requirements’
  • In the ‘Customer eligibility’ section, choose ‘Specific customer segments’ then choose the segment you created to match your membership tier
  • For maximum discount uses, check both boxes to ensure each member can only use the Code one time 
  • Finally, set the start date to be today and leave the ‘end date’ blank
  • Click the ‘Save discount’ button 

Finally – make sure to alert your members about the free gift and the code to claim it! 

Only active members that are logged in will be able to use the code so you can publish it anywhere you like. 

Note: If you’d prefer to automatically attach a free product when someone signs up for your membership instead of asking them to use a code, you can consider a paid app such as Easy Gift