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Fan Unlocked Exclusives

Adding the Fan Unlocked Exclusives block to your Shopify store allows customers to easily find and access all their owned video content. They will see a full list of events they have tickets for whenever they visit their account page.

How it works

  • Installing Single adds new 'blocks' to your Shopify theme editor, allowing you to feature different content or products from Single in your store.

  • The Fan Unlocked Exclusives block is especially handy – it displays the different video content they have access to, be it ticketed live streams or rentals.

Before you start

  • Make sure your content is all set up and published in Single. 
  • If you’re new to app blocks, see our intro guide explaining what they are, how they work, and how you can add them to your store.

  • You can add the Fan Unlocked Exclusives block anywhere in your store. However, it will typically make the most sense to add it to the customer account page.

Steps to add the block

  1. Log into your Shopify admin.

  2. Go Online Store > Themes.

  3. Click Customize Theme to open the Shopify theme editor.

  4. Open the homepage template where you want to add the app block.

  5. From the left rail menu, click Add Section, then select Apps.

  6. Drag and drop the Fan Unlocked Exclusives block to the page.

  7. Configure the block details using the key fields (outlined below).

  8. Click Save to apply the changes.

Key fields



Row Heading Size

Choose the size for the row heading. Options include:

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

Show Search Bar

Option to display a search bar for easier navigation.

Top Padding

Set the space above the block. Default is 2em.

Bottom Padding

Set the space below the block. Default is 2em.



Configure which video details to display:

  • Show Video Title

  • Show Video Date

  • Show Artist Name


Configure which product details to display:

Show Product Title
Show Product Description
Show Product Price


  • Key Product: Specify a key product to feature or display.

  • Key Id: Identify a specific product. This may be used especially if the key product is gated. Use in place of the key product.