How to Set Up Fan Packs in Shopify 

You may want to link inventory of products in your Fan Packs to the standalone products that are included within them. Here's how to do that!

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Create a standalone physical music product in Shopify
  2. Create a standalone merch product in Shopify
  3. Create a product called “Fan Pack”
  4. Install an app that lets you combine inventories across multiple products
  5. Create a new “Bundle Group”, selecting the products from step 1 - 3
  6. Choose the “Fan Pack” product as the BUNDLE MASTER

That’s it! A purchase of the “Fan Pack” product will reduce the inventory of the “physical music” prouct and “standalone merch” product by 1 each.

What's Next?

  • Apply to Billboard for Approval and Request Access in Single - link here!