Modify Your Membership: Guidelines and Restrictions

Understanding What You Can and Cannot Modify Before and After Launch

Modifying your membership program can be a sensitive process, and it's important to understand the implications of any changes you make. Here's an outline of what you can and cannot modify before and after your membership launch to help you navigate the process.

Before the Membership Launch

Prior to the launch, you can make any changes to your membership without limitations. This means you can modify any aspect of your program without affecting existing members, as long as it's published but not yet launched.

After the Membership Launch

Post-launch, some restrictions apply to membership modifications. Nevertheless, you can still edit or add certain elements, including:

  • Gated Content (your perks!)
  • Tier Descriptions
  • Additional Tiers
  • Additional Tier Terms (if not already using all options)
  • Creator Name
  • Tier Display Order

However, you cannot change the following:

  • Pricing
  • Membership Name
  • Membership Launch Date/Time
  • Existing Tier Names
  • Existing Tier Terms

🚨 Heads up: Be extra careful when archiving membership tiers and terms. Members associated with them will be instantly and permanently removed. Learn more before taking action and remember to keep members informed about changes.