Managing Multiple Shopify Stores

How to Manage and Switch Between Multiple Shopify Stores in Single

If you have several Shopify stores tied to one email, you can switch between them once logged into your Single account.

Switching Between Stores

When you install Single in a store that shares an admin email, we merge those accounts. On your next login, you'll see an option to select a store.

You can also switch stores using the quick-select menu at the top left once you're logged in:


Setting Unique Permissions for Users Across Different Stores

Account settings and permissions are store-specific. When you swap stores using the store switcher, you're logged in to the corresponding account for that store.

Permissions are managed individually for each store, allowing you to assign users distinct permissions based on their roles in different stores. For instance, you might permit user to edit products in Store A but not in Store B.

  • Learn more about adding users and setting permissions in Single HERE