Add Your Livestream to Your Shopify Store

Once you have created your livestream, it's important to make sure that viewers can easily access it on your store. Here are three methods you can use to integrate your livestream into Shopify:

  • Using Single’s default page
  • Featuring the livestream on your homepage
  • Creating a custom page

Before you start

  • Make sure your livestream is published in Single.
  • For methods 2 and 3, you'll be using app blocks. If you're unfamiliar with them, consider reviewing our intro guide to grasp their basics.
  • If tickets are required for your livestream, you can also add the list of purchased tickets to their customer account page to improve the viewer experience.

Option 1 - Use Single's default page

  1. Copy Proxy URL:

    • In Single, go to Livestreams.
    • Select your livestream and click Info
    • Select Copy Link
  2. Add to Your Main Menu Navigation:
    • In Shopify Admin, go to Online Store > Navigation.
    • Click on main menu in menus.
    • Click Add menu item and name it after your livestream.
    • Paste the Link you copied into the Link field.
    • Save your changes.

Option 2 - Feature the livestream on your homepage

  1. Locate Video ID in Single:

    • In Single, go to Livestreams.
    • Select your livestream and click Info.
    • Copy the Video ID.
  2. Embed Video on Shopify Homepage:

    • In Shopify Admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
    • Select Customize, then your Homepage.
    • Click Add Section > Apps.
    • Add the Video: Player block where you want the video.
    • Paste the Video ID.
    • Configure block settings needed and save.

Tip: For more information about our video: player app block, you can check out this helpful video.

Option 3 - Create a custom livestream page

  1. Create a new page:

    • In Shopify Admin, go Online Store > Themes.
    • Select Customize.
    • Choose a template, then click + Create template.
    • Name the template and pick a base.
    • Confirm with Create template.
    • Go back to Online Store > Pages to create your page, assigning it to the theme template you just created.
  2. Design the page using Shopify theme editor:

    • In the theme editor, add the Video: Player app block where you want the video.
    • Paste the Video ID.
    • Configure block settings as needed and customize the rest of the page.

Tip: Consider adding a banner or link in the main navigation to increase visibility once you have finalized the page.