Report Sales to ARIA

Ensure Your Music Sales Get Reported to the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) using Single

This article explains how your sales are reported to the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) when using Single for your digital and physical releases. Understanding this process is vital as it can influence your music's ranking on the Australian Charts.

Reporting Digital Releases

Digital releases powered by Single are automatically reported to ARIA. This service is part of our per-track pricing.

Things to note:

  • Sales from other providers are not reported by Single.
  • Digital sales are reported automatically at 3 am AEST for the previous day.
  • Sales are subject to specific criteria set by ARIA.

Reporting Physical Releases

Unlike digital sales, reporting physical releases is not automated. It requires tagging physical records in your Shopify inventory for proper reporting.

Note: Physical sales are reported automatically at 3am AEST for the prior day and subject to certain criteria by ARIA. If you set up an album with a release date in the past, Single will only report sales moving forward from the date of setup.

ARIA Reporting Schedule

  • ARIA chart weeks run from Friday to Thursday.
  • The cutoff for digital and physical sales is at midnight (AEST) on the Thursday following the release.
  • Single and Album Charts are updated on a weekly basis - view them here.

Brief Overview of Inclusion Rules

  • Digital & Physical sales that are free will be excluded.
  • Digital & Physical sales must be paid for and delivered to the purchaser (fulfilled in Shopify).
  • Transaction must occur within Australia.
  • Digital & Physical sales associated with giveaways or promotional copies free of charge will be excluded.
  • Any other bundles containing added “merch” items are eligible, provided both elements (music and merch) are available separately, and the combined bundle is sold at a premium to the price of any of it’s individual elements.
  • Multiple sales of the same product (3 or more) to the same customer will be excluded.

Note: For a comprehensive list of ARIA's rules and guidelines, click here.

Monitoring Your Sales

Need an in-depth view of your sales and information on what has been reported or not? Click here to find out how.


Proper reporting of your sales to ARIA is crucial for chart ranking. By adhering to the guidelines and ensuring timely reporting through Single, you can make the most of your releases in the Australian market.