Set Up Physical Album Reporting

How to Report Your Physical Music Sales to Luminate / Billboard Using Shopify and Single

How it works

  • After installing Single, the app automatically syncs with your Shopify inventory, allowing you to select the physical products (CDs, vinyl, etc.) you want to report.
  • After release, reports are automatically generated and sent to Luminate daily at 10AM ET to keep your sales data up-to-date.
  • Are you interested in reporting Fan Packs? Learn more.

Before you start

  • Have your physical products in your Shopify store already setup with UPC codes.
  • Review Luminate's Knowledge Base for chart rules and reporting eligibility guidelines.

  • Single can only report orders that have shipped. This means that orders must be scanned by a carrier before they are eligible. Simply marking an order as "fulfilled" in Shopify does not make the sale eligible. 
  • Understand how reporting works in different album stages:

    • Previously Released Albums: If you tag an album for reporting after its initial release date, we begin tracking its sales from the date you set it up in Single. Once those orders are shipped, they will be included in our reports that go out the following day

    • Presale Albums: Albums tagged for reporting during their presale period will have all existing sales picked up by our system. Sales will be reported as they are shipped.

    • Currently Released Albums: Albums set up for reporting on the day of release will have all existing sales picked up by our system. Eligible shipped orders will begin reporting the following day. 


  1. Log in to your Single account.
  2. Navigate to Music > Physical Reporting from the left sidebar.
  3. Select Tag Existing Physical and search for the product / album in your Shopify inventory you want to report.
  4. Enter some basic information:
    • Artist
    • Format
    • UPC/EAN
    • Track Count
    • Release Date
  5. Click Submit for Reporting.


I want to report Fan Packs, how do I get started?

Reporting Fan Packs requires prior approval from Luminate with at least seven days prior to street date. Learn more here

Are all orders from my Shopify store reported automatically?

After tagging your albums in Single, only eligible, shipped orders in your Shopify admin are reported.

For previously released albums, will you report sales that occurred before setting it up in Single?

No. We only report sales from the setup date in Single onwards.

I have unshipped orders. Will these be reported?

No. Sales will only be reported once shipped.

How do you handle presale or release day albums?

All sales from the start of the presale or release day onwards are reported.

Is it possible to edit a report after submission? 

Reports cannot be edited retroactively, so it is important to double-check UPC/EAN details before submission for accuracy.

Is there a limit to how many copies per album I can report for a single customer?

A maximum of 4 copies per UPC, per customer, per week, are reported, regardless of additional purchases. Visit Luminate's help center for more information here.

What if there's a delay in shipping my orders due to external factors?

Delays, particularly from third-party fulfillment providers, are outside Single's responsibility. Stay updated with your provider to manage and resolve any issues. Find out more here.