Set Up Physical Reporting

How to Report Physical Album Sales to the Charts on Shopify

In the world of music, charting matters. Shopify and Single make it easy for you to report your physical album sales to the charts. Follow these steps and make your sales count.



  1. Log in to your Single account.
  2. Navigate to Music > Physical Reporting from the left sidebar.
  3. Select Tag Existing Physical and search for the product / album in your Shopify inventory you want to report.
  4. Enter some basic information: Artist, Format, UPC/EAN, Track Count, and Release Date.
  5. Click Submit for Reporting.


Important Notes:

    • Reports are automatically generated and delivered to Luminate (Formerly MRC/Soundscan) on a daily basis at 10AM ET.
    • Albums set up in our system with a release date in the past will only have new sales picked up to be reported moving forward.
    • Albums set up in our system during presale or day of release will have all existing sales picked up for reporting.
    • Only eligible orders marked as fulfilled in your Shopify Admin will be included in the reports that go out.
    • Single is not liable for any delays presented by third party fulfillment systems or applications. More on this here.
    • Based on the nature of the charts, reports cannot be edited retroactively - double check UPC/EANs.
    • Only 4 physical copies of a UPC may be reported PER CUSTOMER. Multiple orders by the same customer that add up to more than 4 copies purchased will not result in more than 4 copies reporting. For more info about chart rules and eligibility, please see Luminate's help center here.