Attach Digital Releases to Shopify Products

Learn how to use Single’s Attachment feature to bundle your music releases with products on Shopify.


  1. Log in to your Single account.
  2. Navigate to Music > Digital Delivery from the left sidebar.
  3. Click Create Digital Release or select an existing one.
  4. For a new release, select Attach to Existing Products when you publish. For an existing release, click Attach in the upper right corner.
  5. Search for a product in your Shopify inventory that you want to bundle with your music release.
  6. Configure the settings as follows:
    • Attachment Type: Pick the product format (like CD or Digital).
    • Reporting Type: Select how the bundle will be counted (like Merch, Physical, Digital).
      • Note: Each chart has different rules. For example, ARIA & OCC both allow bundles to report. If you're attaching merch (like t-shirts or posters), pick "Merch" as the attachment type and "Digital (ARIA & OCC only)" as the reporting type. 
    • UPC/EAN: This usually fills in by itself based on your product’s SKU in Shopify. If not, type it in.
    • Managed Fulfillment: Turn this on only for digital releases. This tells the system to mark the Shopify order as done when the release is delivered. Learn more.
    • Deliver to Existing: Switch this on if you want people who already bought the attached product to get the digital release. If you keep this off, only future buyers will get the release.
      • Note: If you're attaching a digital album to a product and it's a preorder, make sure "Deliver to Existing Orders" is on so it counts properly.
  7. After you’ve set everything up, click Create Attachments for a new release or Save Attachment for an existing release.


Things to note:
  • If you have a physical product already set up for reporting in the Physical Reporting section, you won't find that product when searching in the Attachment Queue. This is to avoid counting it twice. To send the digital album to people who bought a physical product and count those sales, remove the product from the Physical Reporting section. Then you can attach the digital album and set it up for reporting.
  • If you're attaching Vinyl, Tapes, or CDs, you have to pick "Physical" as the reporting type (unless you're reporting to OCC).
  • If you're making bundles with the digital album attached to products, be sure to check Billboard's rules if you want your music to count there.