Create Digital Release

How to sell your music on Shopify and report sales to the charts

How it works

Using Single to sell music on Shopify simplifies the sales and fulfillment process:

  • Sales are automatically recorded, orders marked as fulfilled, and confirmation emails sent to customers (customizable).
  • Single reports eligible sales data to charting bodies like Billboard, OCC, and ARIA.

Before you start

Carefully consider how you want to publish your digital release to Shopify, as your decision here might require some initial setup:

  • Attach to Product (Highly Recommended):  This requires creating product in your Shopify store that you want to bundle with your music release. This could be a placeholder or a related merchandise item.
  • Publish with Audio Player: Allows customers to preview 30-second-snippets of your music and purchase individual tracks. No setup required.


1. Select Release Type

  • Log into your Single account.
  • Go to Music > Digital Delivery from the left sidebar.
  • Pick from:
    • Album, EP, Single: This is common for digital releases and pre-orders.
    • Beats, Instrumentals, & Stems: Ideal for selling sample packs or beats.
    • Pre-Release Tracks: For instant gratification tracks only (not the full digital album) with physical albums. More on this process here.
    • DDEX Bulk Import - More on this process here.

2. Setup Digital Release

  • Upload Album Artwork (JPG/PNG, min 1400 x 1400, max 2048 x 2048).
  • Enter Release Title, Main Artists, Date/Time, Primary Genre, Price.
  • UPC/EAN is required for chart reporting.

3. Upload and Setup Tracklist

  • Upload tracks in lossless format (WAV, AIFF, FLAC).
  • For each track, specify Title, ISRC (required for charts), Artists, Price.
  • Set individual Track Release Dates for early releases (instant grats).
  • Toggle on album only if available with full purchase.
  • Toggle on 30 Second Preview to allow fans to sample the track.
  • Mark Explicit Content and add Optional Data (Producer, Writer, ISWC, Lyrics).

Note: If any tracks are still in progress, use Placeholder Tracks and replace them with final audio files later.

4. Schedule Pre-Order (Optional) 

  • Add a Presale Date/Time if you're running a pre-order.
  • Toggle on Confidential Release to hide all info, including audio previews, track titles, release dates, until the pre-order is released.
  • Select regions to Limit Geographic Availability of overall release (more info here).

5. Add Additional Files (Optional)

  • Upload extra content (PDFs, artwork, sheet music, etc.) up to 750 MB.

Tips for sample packs:

  • Upload main samples as primary audio files in the Tracklist section for customers to preview.
  • Enable 30-second previews for all tracks when choosing to Publish With Tracklist to allow main samples to be previewed.
  • Attach the remaining sample pack as zip files in the Additional Files section here.

6. Review Digital Release

  • Click Review for Sale to ensure all details are correct.

7. Publish Digital Release

When you're ready to publish, you have two options to choose from. Your selection here is crucial as it dictates how your release integrates with your Shopify store and how it appears to your customers. Learn more about these options in-depth here.

  • If you select Attach to Existing Product (Highly Recommended), you'll then be prompted to search and select from your existing Shopify products.
  • If you select Publish with Audio Player, Single will then create the corresponding product(s) and templates in your store.

Things to note:

  • Choosing Publish with Audio Player may cause product duplication if you already have a dedicated product for your release in Shopify.
  • Do not create variants of any Single-created products in Shopify. Doing so will lead to issues with reporting and delivery.


What happens if my release date is today or has already passed?

If the release date of your digital albums and tracks is set for today or is in the past, they will be available for immediate sale as soon as you submit them.

What if I choose a future pre-sale date for my release?

Should you set a future pre-sale date for your release, it will become available in your Shopify store precisely at the date and time you specified.

Can I keep the release date hidden during the pre-sale period?

Yes, you can maintain the secrecy of your release date during the pre-sale by opting for a Confidential Release. This feature keeps the release date hidden until the specified time.

When will my tracks and audio previews be visible in the store?

Track listings and 30-second audio previews will not appear in your store until each track’s individual release date arrives.