Create Automated Product Perks

How to Automate Product Orders or Deliveries for Members at Sign-Up, Monthly, or Specific Months on Shopify

How it works

  • Tier-Specific Perks:
    • In Single, you can now set up Shopify products to be included as a perk to your membership. At intervals that you set, an order for a product will be created for each member without requiring the member to do anything. Products can be delivered to members at sign-up, every month or on a specific month.
  • Supports Two Product Types:
    • Automated product perks can include physical or digital Shopify products.
  • Physical vs Digital Product Delivery:
    • For Physical Shopify Products: Orders are automatically created for members based on the delivery trigger that you set. It is then up to you, the store owner, to ship out that order and mark the order "fulfilled" in Shopify.
    • For Digital Shopify Products: For products like music, videos and NFTs that are created in Single - orders are created AND the product is delivered & marked fulfilled by Single.

Before you start

Step-by-step instructions

  • Log into your Single account.
  • Go to Memberships from the left sidebar.
  • Open the Membership program you want to add automatic perks to.
  • Click Perks.
  • Find the Automated Product Perk section under your chosen tier.
  • Click + Select Products.
  • Choose your delivery trigger:
    • At Sign Up to queue an order/delivery when a member signs up.
    • Monthly Recurring to schedule a recurring monthly order/delivery.
    • Specific Month to schedule a chosen month in advance.
  • Search for and select a product from your Shopify inventory.
  • Click Save or + Add Product Perk to add more items.


When exactly are orders of products created for members?

  • At Sign up - As soon as a fan places an order for a membership, an order for your product perk will be created.
  • Monthly Recurring / Specific Month - During the month you assign, orders will be created for members on their monthly renewal date. An order will be created for annual subscribers on the day of the month that their annual subscription began.

What happens if I assign a product perk halfway through a month?

Any members whose subscription has already renewed for the month will not receive that month’s product perk.

Can I use automated product perks for both digital and physical products?

Yes, Single supports both automated digital and physical product perks.

Do I need to have a membership plan in place before setting up Automated Product Delivery?

Yes, it’s necessary to have your membership tiers established in Single before you can use our automated product perk feature.

Can I customize the delivery schedule for each product?

Yes, you can choose to deliver products at the time of purchase, on a recurring schedule that aligns with the membership term, or on a specific month.

What happens if a product is out of stock when a customer is purchasing a membership with automated product perks?

If a product is out of stock when a customer purchases a membership with automated product perks, it won't be added to their shopping cart. However, the customer can still complete their membership purchase and the checkout process will continue as usual. It's important to inform customers about the unavailability and offer alternatives or the option to wait for restocking.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can set for automated delivery?


Are customers able to select the specific products they receive automatically?

Members do not have the ability to individually select the products they receive as perks. When they join as members, the product perks are predetermined for each tier. However, you have the flexibility to offer different tier options to customers, allowing them to choose from a range of customized perk options.

How do customers get notified about their automatic deliveries?

Customers will receive an automatic notification via email when their product is shipped or available for download, depending on the product type.