Create a Rental Video

Seamlessly set up, manage, and promote products through video rentals - all in one place on Shopify - with Single.

How it works

  • Turn your video into a rental that people can access either through tickets or by bundling it with another item in your shop.
  • Single will automatically make a ticket product in your store when you create a ticketed rental.
  • After someone buys the rental, Single takes care of the rest – they’ll get an email with steps on how to log in and watch.

Before you start

  • Ensure you’ve turned on classic customer accounts. This lets your customers log in and watch what they’ve bought.
  • For smoother logins, switch off reCAPTCHA in your store.


    1. Create Rental

    • Log in to your Single account.
    • From the left sidebar, select Video > Rentals.
    • Tap + Setup Video Rental and enter:
      • Event Poster
      • Event Title
      • Artist or Creator Name
      • When you want it live (Publish Date/Time)
      • Rental Duration (or go Unlimited).
    • Click Save.

    2. Configure Rental

    • Go to the Configure page.
    • Upload a video file that meets the specified requirements. Adjust details:
    • Thumbnail: Defaults to a 'stay tuned' pic. Swap it for your 16:9 image.
    • Chat: Enable for viewer interaction and to collect future promo contacts.
    • Account for Chat: Make viewers log in to chat.
    • Countdown: Add hype with a timer to your premiere.
    • Tags: Surface the video in the store using app blocks.
    • FAQ Link: A go-to for viewer questions. Make your own or tweak our template. 

    3. Setup Tickets

    On the Tickets page, you can turn your video into a rental that people can access either through standalone tickets or by bundling it with another item in your shop.

    • Option 1 - Create a Standalone Ticket

      • Click Create Standalone Ticket.

      • Upload an image for the ticket's product photo in Shopify.

      • Name the ticket and set a price.

      • Click Save & Close.

    Tip: Create a gift ticket in your Shopify admin for ticket swaps. Single will transfer tickets between individuals upon request. If you choose this option, do not display it on your storefront.

    • Option 1 - Create a Ticket Bundle
      • Click Attach to Existing Products.
      • Search for products or collections in Shopify to bundle with a ticket.
      • Switch on Managed Fulfillment if you've created a ticket product in your Shopify store and wish to include access to your event when that product is purchased.
      • Toggle Deliver to Existing Orders to automatically email a ticket to previous purchasers of the bundled product.

    A few tips:

    • Use Managed Fulfillment only if you've added a ticket in your Shopify store. This allows viewers to receive their digital ticket instantly. Also, avoid using this feature for physical products.
    • If you have multiple variants of the product you are attaching a ticket to (e.g. different shirt sizes), select which variants you would like to include the ticket with, and then click Add to Queue.

    Step 4: Customize Ticket Delivery Email

    Customize your ticket email with the title, message, support links, and time zone for a personal touch. Or, disable white-label settings if you prefer.

    Step 5: Activate Rental Event

    Now that your rental video is setup with tickets, click the Activation banner to make it active as a product on Shopify.

    What next?