Overview of Rental Viewer Experience

When a customer buys access to one of your rentals, whether it's a standalone ticket or part of a bundle, Single does a few things:

  1. Confirms their purchase.
  2. Helps them make a customer account.
  3. Redirects them to the streaming page after logging in.

Read on below for a closer look at the process.

Purchasing the rental

Once a rental ticket is bought, Single provides the customer a confirmation on the order page and also sends a confirmation email. If they haven't set up an account yet, they'll be prompted to create one to view the rental.

Creating an account

Customers can set up an account a few ways:

  • Directly on the order confirmation page.
  • Through the confirmation email.
  • Anytime in your shop by clicking the 'customer account' button.

Accessing the rental

To watch the rental, customers need to log in. They can do this using the link in the confirmation email or by clicking the login icon at the top of your store. If you added the Fan Unlock Exclusives block to the customer account page, they'll see the videos they have access to upon logging in.

Of course, you can further customize the login and access experience using Single app blocks. Below are are a few if you're interested in a more personalized setup:


Do returning customers need to create a new account every time they rent?

No. Once a customer has an account, they can use it for all future rentals. Single will prompt account creation primarily for new customers.

Can I customize the look and feel of the login and streaming page?

Yes, using Single app blocks like 'custom login', 'hosted video by Single', and 'video collection bar', you can personalize the viewer experience to match your store's branding.

When does the rental playback start?

The rental video starts playing as soon as the viewer opens the video player on the rental's streaming page.

What happens if a customer forgets their password?

Viewers with store accounts can easily reset their password using the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. Once reset, they can log in and view their rental.