Create Members-Only Videos

Using Shopify and Single's membership features, offer your members exclusive access to either individual videos or an entire library of content. 

Before you start

Before gating access to your videos, you'll need to upload your video-on-demand files to your Single account. If you haven't done this, refer to this article to learn how.



1. Gate the video in Single

  1. Log into your Single account
  2. From the left sidebar, click on Memberships.
  3. Choose the membership type you want to modify.
  4. Click Edit, then navigate to the Perks page.
  5. Choose the membership tier you'd like to use for gating access.
  6. Click +Select Content.
  7. Set your content type to Video.
  8. Search for the video you want to gate via tag or title.
  9. Click Save.

2. Add the gated video to your Shopify store

Once the video is gated via your chosen membership tier, you'll need to add the video to your Shopify store. You can display the video using either Single's single-hosted video app block or the video collection bar app block, based on your preference.