Create a Ticketed Livestream Event

How to Create, Configure, and Activate a Ticketed Livestream Event On Shopify

Before You Start

Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements by enabling classic customer accounts, which will allow you to create a live, ticketed stream in your store.


Step 1: Create Livestream Event

  1. Log in to your Single account.
  2. From the left sidebar, select Video > Livestreams.
  3. Click "+ Setup Livestream" and fill in the required details:
    • Event Poster
    • Event Title
    • Artist or Creator Name
    • Event Date / Event Time
    • Replay Cut Off Date / Replay Cut Off Time 
  4. Click "Save" once you've filled everything in.

Things to note:

  • After your live event is all done, we change it into a rental video that fans can watch on their own time.
  • Keep your tickets on sale during the replay - this lets people buy and watch your event until the replay time is up.

Step 2: Configure Video

  1. Navigate to the Configure page.
  2. Enter or modify the following following details:
    • Offline thumbnail (a 16:9 aspect ratio image is recommended)
    • Doors settings (auto defaults to doors open, letting fans view the player, promoted products, and engage in chat up to 2 hours before the show starts)
    • FAQ Link (provide a handy reference for attendees - you can create your own or customize our template)
    • Enable chat
    • Enable countdown

Step 3:  Create Tickets

Head to the Tickets page and decide whether to create a standalone ticket or an event ticket bundled with another product in your shop. Each option will yield:

  • A ticket product in Shopify — which will grant viewers access to the stream.
  • A gift ticket in your Shopify admin — which Single will use to transfer tickets from one person to another when requested. Don't delete this!

Key point:  Keep the gift ticket in your Shopify admin for ticket swaps. To keep things simple, don't display it on your storefront - it's not a standard ticket.

Creating a Standalone ticket

  1. On the Tickets page, click "Create Standalone Ticket".
  2. Upload an image you'd like to feature as the ticket's product photo in Shopify.
  3. Name the ticket and set a price.
  4. Click "Save & Close".

Creating a Ticket Bundle

  1. On the Tickets page, click "Attach to Existing Products".
  2. Search for products or collections in Shopify you'd like to bundle with a ticket.
  3. Toggle "Managed Fulfillment" on if you've created a ticket product in your Shopify store and wish to include access to your event when that product is purchased. 
  4. Toggle "Deliver to Existing Orders" on to automatically email a ticket to anyone who has previously purchased the product you're bundling with the ticket.

A few tips:

  • Use the "Managed Fulfillment" switch only if you've added a ticket in your Shopify store (not with our 'Create Standalone Ticket' feature). This lets your viewers get their digital ticket right away.
  • Don't switch this on for physical products. Most of the time, it stays off. 
  • If you have multiple variants of the product you are attaching a ticket too (e.g. different shirt sizes), you will be prompted to select which variants you would like to include the ticket with. Make your selection and click "Add to Queue."


Step 4: Customize Ticket Delivery Email

In the Customize Ticket Delivery Email section, you can decide on the title, message, support links, and timezone for your ticket emails.

If you prefer, you can turn off email notifications for ticket purchases altogether using the Disable Email Notification toggle.

Note: You can leave these fields blank, resulting in the default ticket delivery email with your event poster and info being sent to fans. However, we recommend customizing it a bit to make it feel more personal!

Step 5: Activate Ticketed Livestream

With your video and tickets set up, it's time to activate your event!

Click the Activation banner at the top of the page. Your livestream event will now appear as a page in your Shopify admin.


Pro tip: Add this page to your store's navigation for easy access by fans. They can also get to the stream via their order confirmation sent by Single.



What's Next?