Create a Membership Program

Memberships are key to building a loyal fan base and generating recurring revenue. In this guide, we'll show you how to create a program of your own on Shopify.

Before You Start

How It Works

When you create a membership program in Single:

  • Each tier becomes a subscription "membership product" in your Shopify admin
  • Single adds blocks to your Shopify theme editor to help you add and configure your membership products, pages, and perks in your store


Step 1 - Setup Your Membership

Start by logging in to your Single account and selecting "Memberships" from the left sidebar. Click "+ Create Membership" and enter the following details:

  • Program Name: A descriptive name that will identify your membership in Single and be used to create a corresponding product for your program in Shopify.
  • Launch Date: The date on which your membership program will become available for customers to sign up.
  • Launch Time: The specific time of day when your membership program will become active and visible to customers in your store.

Click “Save and Continue” when you’re finished.

Step 2 - Create Tiers

Now it's time to create different membership levels, or tiers. Each tier you create in Single will automatically generate a corresponding product for the tier in Shopify.

To create a tier, start on your Tiers page and enter the following details:

    • Name: The name you choose for the tier will serve as its product name in Shopify. It should be descriptive and accurately represent the benefits of the tier.
    • Description: The description you enter will serve as the product description in Shopify. Keep it concise, yet informative enough to entice customers to join the tier.
    • Term: The term refers to how long each tier will last. You can choose a term of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Single will generate the product based on the value selected.
    • Price: Set the price of the tier in the currency displayed in Single, which will be the same as the currency set in Shopify.
    • Image: The image you upload will serve as the product image in Shopify. Choose a representative image that accurately reflects the benefits of the tier.

    Click "Save" and move to the next step, or "Add Another Tier" for each additional tier you want to create.

    🔑 Key point: When you create a tier in Single, a corresponding product is automatically generated in Shopify. This makes it easy to manage and sell your membership tiers just like you would any other products in your store.

    Step 3 - Add Perks to Tiers

    Now that you've created your tiers, it's time to add perks to them. These can be gated content, discounts, or any other exclusive benefits you want to offer your members. 

      • On the Perks page, click "+ Select Content
      • Search for and select content (product, page, or video) you want to gate access to with your membership tier. If setting up multiple tiers, you can also save time by cloning the gated access settings from another tier for faster setup.
      • Set the Claim Limit, Discounts Allowed, and Visibility toggles for gated content to your preferences. 
      • Click "Save and Continue".

      Step 4 - Review

      Before publishing your membership program, it's important to double-check all the details to ensure everything is accurate. 

      🚨 Heads up: You can't change key details like pricing or tier terms after publishing your program. Review everything carefully and know what you can edit later before you proceed.


      Step 5 - Publish

      Once you've reviewed all the details and are confident that everything is correct, click "+ Publish Membership" to make it live!


      What's Next?

      Now that you've successfully set up your membership program on Shopify, make sure to add it to your shop to encourage sign-ups.