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Tokengate Shopify Products

Using Shopify and Single, you can use NFT collections on the Solana blockchain to provide exclusive access to specific products in your store.

How it works

  • Single integrates with your Shopify inventory. This lets you tokengate products using NFT collections, whether you've created them in Single or imported them.
  • Tokengated products can be sold in store once you swap Shopify's standard buy buttons with Single's buy buttons for gated products.
  • Tokengated products are automatically added to your collection's Perks page - which we recommend adding to your store's main menu navigation.
  • Single adds a single-gated tag to the product in your Shopify admin, which you can use for creating offers and discounts.

Before your start

To tokengate a Shopify product with your NFT collection, you need a pre-existing NFT created or imported in Single. See the tutorials below to get started.


  1. Log into your Single account.
  2. From the left sidebar, click on NFTs.
  3. Choose the NFT collection you want to use for tokengating.
  4. Click Perks in the top right menu.
  5. Click + Select Content in the Token Perks section.
  6. Set your content type to Product.
  7. Search for the Shopify Product you want to tokengate.
  8. Set the Claim LimitDiscounts Allowed, and Visibility toggles to your liking. 
  9. Click Save

What's next?

  • Make sure to swap out Shopify's buy buttons for Single's.
  • Choose how to showcase the gated product:
    • Feature it on your homepage - or in your primary product catalog
    • Guide holders to the Perks page to purchase it (recommended to be linked in your main store navigation).