Create Exclusive Access to Products

Using Shopify and Single's membership features, you can provide exclusive access to specific products in your store based on membership tiers.

Before your start

To gate a product with your membership, it must first be available for purchase in your store. This can include any existing physical or digital products in your Shopify inventory, or Single-created products such as:


  1. Log into your Single account
  2. From the left sidebar, click on Memberships.
  3. Choose the membership type you want to modify.
  4. Click Edit, then navigate to the Perks page.
  5. Choose the membership tier you'd like to use for gating access.
  6. Click +Select Content.
  7. Set your content type to Product.
  8. Search for the Shopify Product you want to gate.
  9. Set the Claim LimitDiscounts Allowed, and Visibility toggles to your liking. 
  10. Click Save.
  11. Follow this tutorial to replace Shopify's standard buy buttons with Single's custom ones for the gated products.


Things to note:

  • Visibility: If you gate a product in Single, it will be set to 'hidden' in Shopify. If you un-gate it later, you must manually change the visibility settings in Shopify.

  • Accessibility: Only customers within the designated membership tier can purchase the gated product.