Introduction to NFT Minting and Tokengating with

Combining Shopify's consumer-friendly experience with the power of Solana

Why Web3?

Our goal with web3 is to bring the capabilities of Solana to the world of ecommerce - using NFTs as a tool to drive more traffic to Shopify, provide unique benefits to your customers and ultimately grow your d2c revenue through digital assets.

1. NFT Minting

Sell Standalone NFT Products in your Storefront

Publish an NFT product to be sold side-by-side the rest of your merch. NFTs are minted after a customer completes a purchase, so there’s no up-front cost to you.

nft-exampleWe keep the language ambiguous so you can brand these however you’d like - depending on your target market’s appetite for web3:

  • Digital Collectibles
  • Digital Membership Cards
  • Solana NFTs

Collection Types

You're currently able to mint the following types of NFT collections through Single:

For detailed info on the differences between the three, check out this article.

Bundle NFTs with Physical Products

Deliver an NFT automatically with other products in your storefront. Customers can claim their NFT directly from the Shopify confirmation page, or from an email which is delivered automatically.

Quick Note: Before you can begin selling NFTs using Shopify Payments, you need to complete Shopify's quick questionnaire. More info here!

2. Custodial or Non-Custodial Customer Experience


If your target market tends to not be familiar with NFTs - we created a solution just for you. Now instead of forcing customers to download a Solana-based wallet, allow them to store their NFTs directly in their Shopify customer account.

shopify-customer-loginThis gives your tokens the power of web3 digital assets, while keeping all of the tech behind the scenes.


Of course if your customers are degens / web3 native - you can also immediately direct fans to claim NFTs into their wallets after purchasing.


3. Tokengating

Since our underlying goal in the web3 space is to bring together digital assets and ecommerce storefronts, an important piece of our tooling is tokengated commerce.

Any Solana NFT - whether that’s minted by Single on Shopify or elsewhere - can be used by customers to access gated merchandise, video or custom pages.

gated-product-1Tokengating can be enabled with any Solana NFTs - they don't have to be minted by Single or sold through Shopify.

This means that anyone with a Solana collection can use their Shopify store to offer exclusive products and videos to their holders. We've already worked with some of the top collections on Solana:

Mad Lads Merch Redemption

Okay Bears Gated Products

Getting Started

To begin selling NFTs or tokengating in Shopify, check out our dedicated Web3 Help Center. Have questions? Reach out to us at